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Miro-Click ®

WO 2008/118007

Product Information

afbeeldingWith the Miro-Click a nice tiled floor in just one 'click' is possible. Without the usual breaking you can easily cover your original pluck with the Miro-Click. The Miro-Click is available is most common sizes, in stainless steel and chromium-plated material. The smooth design makes Miro-Click a welcome addition for every bathroom.



The MiroClick lasts a lifetime, due to the facts it's fabricated out of one piece. The full round edges lead to a smooth design. Besides that there are no seams visible. If you want to clean your pluck, just 'click'-out the Miro-Click, clean, and 'click'-in the Miro-Click again. Just that simple. Another fine feature about the Miro-Click: it's price!

All the advantages:

  • No sharp edges
  • No seams
  • Smooth design for every bathroom
  • No need for a plumber
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • No risk for leakage
  • Low costs